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Death to the foreclosure

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Sellers their neighbors and lenders don’t like foreclosure. The increase in foreclosures goes hand in hand with the sharp decline in everyones property value. Lenders generally have to accept a huge loss and must hire attorneys and asset managers who continue to add to the financial loss before they can even consider selling. Sellers who can’t afford their home and are generally are unable to maintain the property and often in this process the property falls into disrepair.  The time it takes to foreclose is often very extensive so the property taxes and association dues begin to mount and the properties in disrepair can also be hit with code violations and so on.  The boom in foreclosures has brought about all sorts of scams and schemes related to the avoidance, purchase and sale of these properties. As a result of only one foreclosure the community as a whole suffers.

However if you are interested in buying a home you might want to consider a foreclosure for a couple of reasons.

  • foreclosures often sell below market value
  • less wait for a response than a short sale

If you are facing foreclosure you should avoid anyone who guarantees they can stop your foreclosure for an up front fee, or if you make payment to them rather than your mortgage company. We help homeowners who have decided to avoid foreclosure through a short sale of their property. By selling short sale you retain the control of the process, from selecting your experienced short sale agent, to signing the closing documents. No sheriff at your door, with strangers placing your personal belongings at the curb. By listing your home short sale with Sloan Properties you can relax and prepare to move on to the next stag in your life knowing you have experienced professional agents working to get your short sale approved. In fact we have 100% approval rate on all our short sale listings.

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