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Buying tips

Get pre-approved
Unless you are buying cash you will need a pre-approval to make offers and this will enable you to know the price range your comfortable with.

Narrow down your search
Decide what it is that you need in your next home, like bedrooms, size, location, etc

Do your research
Search online for properties that you may be interested in. Our web site offers all the local listings for sale in Central Florida and enable's you to due a tremendous amount of research about the property so you don't waist time on properties that wont meet your needs.

Drive By's
Doing drive bays allows you to explore the area, the home's location and positioning, and area amenities. Email the list you intend to drive by to your Sloan Properties agent so that they may find out if the home is vacant or occupied.

Viewing the property
Write a list for your agent of all the properties you are interested in viewing. While viewing each property make sure to make some quick notes and point out features you like and dislike about each home. Once you have toured several homes, features tend to blend and notes will help you to remember all the details that will assist you to narrow down your decision on the perfect home.

Making your offer
Now that you have decided on a property the offer is the next step. Have your Sloan Properties agent pull the neighborhood facts in order to help you make an educated offer. Your Sloan Properties agent can assist you in all other contingencies if needed like inspections, financing, title, and countless other specific details.

Preparing to take ownership
If you are inspecting the property be sure to use a reputable inspector so you dont waist money on the inspection, your agent can provide you with a list of recommendations. Get quotes and decide on what homeowners insurance company you will use , ask your agent for a list of recommendations. Arrange for utilities to be turned on the same day you take ownership.

Our experienced professionals make buying a property easy! We know all the right things to do in order to navigate your experience to a happy closing! Contact us to see the difference with our friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable REALTORS®.

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