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Safe choice for sellers

Experience and knowledge of the local market allows our REALTORS® to offer the latest market trends to help you to determine the right price for your property.

Our reputation for being honest and trustworthy has been established by providing quality service to countless happy sellers over the years. We will help you to sell your home in the specific time frame you desire. 

With one of the top real estate web sites in Central Florida we can market your property to the widest variety of potential buyers. Relentless advertising and unmatched customer service makes Sloan Properties the safe choice for sellers..

Selling your home

In today's buyers market selling your home can be very challenging. The recent decline in real estate property values has made it more important than ever to understand the current market conditions in your particular neighborhood or community. Short sales and foreclosures have become the majority of homes sold in many areas of Florida, but there is hope for sellers who do not qualify for a short sale and are not facing foreclosure. A properly maintained home is highly desirable and with proper guidance and marketing any home can be sold even in the current buyers market. 

That is where we can help, Sloan Properties is experienced at selling homes in this evolving market. We specialize in working with sellers and buyers of residential real estate. We understand today's buyer and provide the best local resource for searching property for sale, local news and current real estate market information in Central Florida. 

After selecting Sloan Properties to sell your home you can relax and know that the local experts in selling property are working to sell your home. We will take high quality pictures of your home to market to millions of potential buyers searching for properties homes online. Our experienced REALTORS® provide detailed remarks on your properties selling features to attract more buyers and make your property stand out in a very crowded market. 

Marketing the property while important is not the only challenge in the current market. The mortgage financing can be very challenging. Buyers in today's market face a rigorous approval and underwriting process compared to years past. Properties are also under great scrutiny from lenders and title companies. Proper permitting, unknown leans, and repairs can hold up or even stop a sale from happening. Without the experience to overcome these common pitfalls many sellers find themselves in a situation where they loose a potential buyer and languish unsold on the market. 

Our local REALTORS® sell real estate every day in your neighborhood, its our job to help you to overcome common obstacles that arise in a real estate sales transaction. In order to sell your home in today's market you need more than just a MLS listing, you need the experienced REALTORS® at Sloan Properties.

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