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Experience and knowledge of the local market allows our REALTORS® to offer the latest market trends to help you to determine the right price for your property.

Our reputation for being honest and trustworthy has been established by providing quality service to countless happy sellers over the years. We will help you to sell your home in the specific time frame you desire. 

With one of the top real estate web sites in Central Florida we can market your property to the widest variety of potential buyers. Relentless advertising and unmatched customer service makes Sloan Properties the safe choice for sellers..

Selling tips

MAKING THE DECISION. You are hearing everywhere we are in a "buyers market" cycle and of course that will pose its challenges for selling, however traditional owner sales can be desirable if marketed properly. Once you have decided to sell Sloan Properties REALTORS® are the local real estate marketing experts and are experienced in many different types of unique situations, we will help to guide you through the sale from beginning to end. 

DETERMINE YOUR PRICE. In order to determine what you should price your property at your agent will need to research the most recent comparable sales in your neighborhood or area. Value is determined by what buyers are willing to pay. By finding out what buyers have recently paid for homes in your area it will help you to determine what a buyer might be willing to pay for your home. Be careful not to combine your personal emotions for your home with the true market value, try to imagine your home as a product, this will help you so that you avoid the most common mistakes sellers make "over pricing". Over pricing your home is very dangerous, most often you will promote your competition and they will be the next to sell. Another danger of over pricing is that sellers will most likely end up forced to accept a low offer, than if they had of priced right in the beginning.  

PREPARE YOUR HOME. Go through your home and de-clutter, have a garage sale to consolidate you'll be happy you did! Since you will be moving anyway don't be afraid to go ahead and start packing, box up anything you can do without in every room in the house. Depersonalize, box up posters, photos, refrigerator magnets, etc. Try to imagine how model homes look and apply it to your home as much as possible, if you can do this you will increase your chances of getting top dollar and sell faster. The exterior "curb appeal" is just as important as the interior. Make sure you clean up your yard of debris and weeds, caulk and touch up paint the home, and planting some annuals will complete your curb appeal efforts! Since homes have unique differences Sloan Properties REALTORS® to sell your home we will gladly assist you in a professional home evaluation and tips specific to your home and help you write a quick clean up list to help you make preparing for viewing's go smoothly.  

PREPARE YOURSELF. Unlike preparing your home preparing yourself is about what not to do instead of what to do. Once your home is ready for prospects to tour it is important that when you know you have a showing you make yourself scarce in other words don't be there, this may sound harsh but by doing this you will take the pressure off the buyer to allow them time to imagine themselves living in their new home instead of them imposing while your in your home, now they can relax and talk about what to offer you instead how quickly they need to look and leave. If you are thinking who will point out features and upgrades, don't worry Sloan Properties professionals are the pros at pointing out on your listing all the latest features and trends about your property and neighborhood that buyers crave before they even get there.  

PRACTICING GOOD SELLER EDIQUITTE. If you find yourself in a jam where an agent has arrived for a scheduled showing early or late and you are there, don't worry just kindly excuse yourself and take a ride around the block until your prospects are gone. Occasionally sellers have an aggressive buyer knock on the door, and sellers feel an overwhelming need to accommodate for the "potential buyer". In fact you will actually be doing yourself a disservice by appeasing the unannounced guests, don't feel like you are being impolite by smiling and saying thank you for your interest, my REALTOR® is handling scheduling viewing's here is their number they will be happy to arrange it with you. By responding this way you may avoid an unsafe situation and people who are not qualified to purchase your home. You will also avoid any inadvertent conversations that could affect negotiations down the road and gain their respect, and of course you will now be able to better prepare for the showing to maximize the potential buyer's first impression and ultimately net you a higher offer. Contact Sloan Properties REALTORS®, we're always available with professional guidance during the sale of your home.

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